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4 Bundles

4 Bundles

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Texture: Straight & Bodywave

Lengths: 16-30”

Weight: 3.4-3.6 Oz per bundle

Color: #1B-Natural black/brown

Can be colored, bleached, cut, washed, styled, and blow dried.  Can be bleached to #27.

 Our virgin hair extensions are smooth, soft, and of the same high quality as your own hair. This hair can be styled in a variety of ways, including curling, straightening, shampooing, conditioning, blow drying, and coloring. Additionally, this hair may be styled to give a fully invisible, all-natural, and fashionable look in a matter of minutes. Our extensions can be used repeatedly and last up to two years with proper maintenance.


16-24" Straight and Bodywave: 3 bundles

26-30" Straight: 4 bundles of the same length (26/26/26/26) for maximum fullness.

26-30“ Bodywave: 4 bundles or 3 bundles of the same length (26/26/26)

 Please note bodywave bundles are typically fuller than straight bundles.

Suggestion: For lengths 26" and up, we recommend using 4+bundles or 3 of the same lengths (ex: 26/26/26, 28/28/28) for maximum fullness. Please note: bodywave bundles are typically fuller than straight bundles.

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